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Sixth Form

Read School is a good place to study, especially as preparation for higher education as the Sixth Form brings many challenges

The Sixth Form is an important time for academic study, often as a preparation for and requirement of university entrance. Many boys and girls will have been at Read for some time prior to entering the Sixth Form. It is important that the Sixth Form is able to provide a different and altogether more adult experience, not just an extension of school.

September 2008 saw the York Sixth Form Centre created from an area of former boarding accommodation on the first floor. A much bigger and brighter area than the previous Centre, York is an airy, modern and open area for working and leisure during non-teaching time. Computer workstations, large worktables, access to careers and university information and a small area for relaxing and socialising are all included here, giving our most senior students the facilities they need and deserve.  Independent study is encouraged.  A small kitchen has also been created for them to make hot drinks and prepare snacks throughout the day.  The Centre was updated again over the summer of 2014.

Sixth Formers wear smart business clothes (rather than school uniform); and relationships with teachers are inevitably less formal. Teaching groups are very small and the standard of teaching support high.

Teachers are always ready to assist and advise students on the choice of subjects. The time-table is constructed to meet students’ wishes as much as is possible each year.