14th September 2018 Newsletter

14 September 2018

Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school.

A warm welcome to all in advance of this week’s newsletter. We kicked off last week with an after-school session with our new Year 7 parents, who were presented with information pertaining to the way the senior school runs, looking at the ethos and breakdown of the day. Formal presentations were followed by warm conversation with the teachers of Year 7. This was a useful opportunity for both teachers and parents to touch base and put faces to the names. A positive start to the year for all in attendance. Thank you to all of you who did: a summary of some of the important events taking place this term is below.

Hockey and Rugby Training: 8 September 2018

Well done to the 47 pupils who turned up for hockey and rugby training last Saturday. It was great to see such commitment and enthusiasm. Hopefully it’s a good sign for the term to come.
Ms Prosser

Sixth Form Team Building Day: 7 September:

Last Friday, students of the Sixth Form enjoyed a day out at Bradford University, where they got to explore a thriving city centre univerisy campus and sample some of the lectures and seminars on offer. Among the aspects of education they sampled was a courtroom mock-up, where the pupils, seen below, got the opportunity to dress as barristers and judges!

Grace Handforth, Lucy Barrick, Nick Reed and Oliver Weston take on the prosecution and defence lawyer look.

CCF Meets the Parents: Thursday 13 September

Staff and pupil officers of the CCF presented the CCF schedule and concept to Year 8 parents and pupils. Captain Mike Torr and Major Chris Chapman headed up the session, ably assisted by past and present members of the contingent, Harry Woodall, Flynn Kelly and Matthew Roberts, as they each spoke about their positive and transformational experiences with CCF. Indeed, Matthew, who has appeared in these pages before leaves Yorkshire next Saturday to start an Engineering degree at Manchester university after completing his Gap Year commission at Sandhurst. A fantastic achievement, and we all wish him well. Matthew here showing how, with an interest in the forces, both the civil and the military can be combined to create career and learning opportunities in a relatively short space of time. He says he owes it all to the seed CCF planted a mere five years previously.

STEM Trip to Leeds University: Wednesday 12 September

GCSE and A level STEM pupils were given the opportunity to visit Leeds University Engineering department to help learn about robotics and material testing.

They started in the Robotics department where they saw robotic systems with the capability of exploring natural and artificial environments that cannot be safely or easily accessed by humans. There were drones that took images, 3D printed or planted other mini robots. The teacher talked to the children about scenarios where exploration robotics have been used to inspect and monitor inaccessible or dangerous locations.

They saw examples of surgical outcomes such as a 3D printed heart produced through scanning and printing a polymer model of a 14 year old boy’s heart to help doctors with his surgery. They were shown a 3D printed mechanical hand and he talked about developing new concepts for prosthetic limbs.

The materials testing department enabled pupils to learn about material properties and methods of testing them, they saw industrial sized machines to test for toughness, tensile strength, compression and hardness. It was interesting to see how different materials reacted and also to see how the same material at different temperatures reacted and to link this to examples of how these different reactions had altered products, sometimes causing astonishing effects. The visit really stretched our more-able pupils and gave them a lot to think about; everyone who attended will be able to relate to what Mrs Rothwell-Wood and Mr Budd teach in the classroom on these topics.

The staff at the university commented on the exemplary behaviour of all pupils who attended and they learnt a great deal to help with their Design Technology, Chemistry and Physics exams.

European Week of Languages: w/c 23 September

Mrs Chambonnet has been teaching her Year 5 class about passports and other cross-cultural concepts within Europe, as shown in the photo below. The celebration of Modern Foreign Languages begins in earnest two weeks from now on the above date. Mrs Chambonnet has sent a mailing out to parents to confirm the detail of this week, there is a great deal going on!

Well, that about wraps it up for last week, another bumper crop of activities has been reported, with this only the second week in, and this but a part of all that has been going on.

Best regards,

Mark Voisey