21st September 2018 Newsletter

21st September 2018

Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school.

This Week in Assembly

A variety of interesting topics and themes have been covered this week. On Tuesday, we were blessed by a visit from the earth-shudderingly loud New King’s Order. No, not a Royalist re-enactment troupe from the 16th century, but ex-X Factor competitors from 2015!

Their mission: to educate and entertain the pupils through music and anecdote, talking about cyber-bullying and other social issues related to phone and technology misuse. They pitched their talks at two different age-groups, first of all delivering their message to ages 10-13, with a separate session dedicated to the 14-18 year olds, with adjusted content. The band’s music and choreography was of an excellent standard, with pupil participation encouraged where possible. Though no-one was dancing in the aisles, the vibrant energy of their music, combined with the message they were delivering at an accessible youth-culture level, certainly made for a different “assembly” experience!

World Challenge Assembly: Wednesday 19 September – Ecuador

Wednesday brought the World Challenge Expedition Crew in for a re-visit to the school. You will recall the very successful expedition to India in July of this year. To capitalise and follow-up on that experience, Suzi Fletcher from World Challenge visited us to launch to the pupils the Ecuador visit planned for 2020.

The assembly was well received and will likely generate a great deal of interest for pupils in Years 10 and above. There is a parents’ meeting exactly a week on (5.00pm in Moloney Hall on Wednesday 26 September) for those who are interested to access much more detailed information regarding the structure of the trip. Pupils were able to take a letter away from the meeting containing further details if they were interested. Please feel free to attend next Wednesday’s meeting if the trip has piqued your son or daughter’s curiosity.

Food Technology Visit: 19 September

Year 10 and 11 GCSE food pupils visited Carlton School of Food. They made savoury tarts and fish cakes. The kitchen is located in the old servant quarters of the house so have a rustic feel but with state of the art facilities. It was interesting for pupils to learn from professional chefs in the industry. It will help with their NEA they learnt skills that they can use in the future.

Read pupils in a relaxed pose on the stairs of the resplendent Carlton Towers

Fun in the kitchen! With the pupils under time pressures to finish their creations, doesn’t this remind you of the Generation Game?

Pilot’s Licence for Vicki

Vicki Wallace-Sgourou in Year 11 obtained her pilot’s license last week. This is a phenomenal achievement in one so young, as she is one of only 5 girls in the UK under 16 who has done this.

Vicki started at The Wolds Gliding Club in Pocklington in April 2017. She was with mum one night, having stopped by to watch the Gliders, where she was told she could go and take a trial flight: she signed as a member the same day!

Vicki, with trainer Steve Wilkinson after she gained her wings

The glider used for training is an Ask-21 2 seater glider. Vicki has had to fly each time with an instructor and learn to control take-off and landing. Launches took place from both a winch launch and from a powered aircraft. She has flown at 5000 feet and has performed loop the loops over Pocklington, and dives, learned to stall and recover until the instructor believed she was competent to fly solo. She has also flown motor gliders over York. What a superb achievement, I wonder how many of us would feel if we were instructed to take an aircraft in a loop-the-loop. It must be a terrifying proposition!

Since then she has completed 98 flights, totalling 18 hours flying time.

Vicki gained the solo pilot’s licence on the 7 September, following a week of flying with instructor Steve Wilkinson from the club (pictured below with Vicki). Well done Vicki: a superb achievement!

“I can pilot planes too!”

Lessons in focus: Year 9 Biology

Dr Duggan’s Year 9 group have enjoyed a closer look at cells which are the biological bricks that make up all life forms.

Charlotte Fildes shows her skill at placing the cell components on the diagram without even looking at them! Chris Norton, on the other hand, goes for a very red background, with “absolutely no sweets concealed under the table Miss!”

They have had the opportunity to prepare samples from the lining of their cheeks and use a special stain for visualisation using a light microscope (see image below). Using sweets, they also got very creative to produce accurate representations of a typical animal or plant cell and annotate the structures (organelles) that can be found within. The models are perfect for exploring magnification calculations. Dr Duggan is delighted that everyone resisted the temptation to eat their creation.

Very clever! Yet somehow, with the potential for danger. I wonder if any of these cell creations ended up with their cell organelles going mysteriously missing?

Hockey 1st v Hull Collegiate 19 September

On Wednesday 19 September our 1st team had a friendly against Hull Collegiate School. It was a great start to the season with much potential shown. Despite being defeated on this occasion, we showed the ability to support each other and develop scoring opportunities. We have a focus for our next training session and I’m sure we will continue to make excellent progress. Well done to the girls who took part.

A sterling performance girls, well done, though on this occasion victory eluded us

This Weekend – Saturday 22 September

8.00am – CCF training weekend to Strensall departs;
8.30am– U13 and U15 rugby depart for Hull Collegiate;
9.00am – Read Equestrian Team Qualifier at Bishop Burton.

It just remains for me to wish you all the best this weekend: let us hope for less rain, as we had our allotted amount by some margin on Thursday!

Best regards,

Mark Voisey