23rd March 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school,

Welcome to this week’s newsletter.

The Talent Show: Thursday 15 March

What a superb night this was.  Despite having sat everyone down at seven o’clock, people kept coming and we had to bring in extra chairs for the large numbers of additional guests. We had performances from every area of the school, which lasted three hours in total, with pupils engaged in such diverse activities as guitar solos to hoverboarding, musical comic sketches to classical singing numbers. The judges, as ever, were hard pressed to find winners for each category, as the competitive level was so high. It was truly heart-warming to be part of a community atmosphere that was relaxed and fun, yet so charged with latent talent. Everybody was full of praise for the participants and the organisers who did such a great job of bringing the whole experience to life.


RAF: Science of Flight Demonstration: Tuesday 20  March

On Tuesday of this week, our Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils were treated to an interesting display and talk given by members of the RAF, who came in to talk about the science of flight. This was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based activity, as it featured all of these aspects of the curriculum in dealing with how flight works and how feats of engineering have improved the experience, both in civilian and military life. The pupils hugely enjoyed the talk with particular whoops of joy being devoted to the ignition of a jet engine nearby.

Tuesday and Thursday GCSE Geography Visits

This week Years 10 and 11 have been out in Geography fieldwork.
As part of the GCSE course, pupils are expected to carry out both human and physical fieldwork data collection. This is a compulsory part of the course and pupils will be examined on this.

Year 11 pupils visited York, where they investigated evidence that tourism was an economically important part of the city. Through random and systematic surveying methods, they collected information about the environment, land use, questionnaires and also took photographic evidence of tourism. Thankfully, after the cold wet weather of the week before the weather remained kind.

Year 10 visited Barmston on the Holderness coast on Thursday, to look at the fastest eroding coastline in Europe.

Walking through the caravan park it was clear they were suffering greatly, as they were having to move static caravans.  Pupils looked at how they are dealing with the problems caused by the bad weather. On the beach was a lot of evidence of the recent severe weather; lots of debris and smell of rotting sea wildlife thrown up on the beach. We then visited Bridlington to look at methods of coastal protection and the reasons why this area has protection and the consequences of this for the locations down the coast.

The final stop was Selwicks Bay at Flamborough Head. The pupils firstly completed a labelled field sketch from the cliff top looking at the landforms of erosion. Next was a trip to the bay, where we studied rock strata, studied evidence of coastal erosion and weathering. We also had time to walk around some caves and inlets before it was time to return to the buses. The sun shone all day, it couldn’t have been better. By Mrs Scholefield

Wednesday: Pre-Prep Easter Concert – A report in quotes from Mrs Watson and the Pre-Prep Pupils

On Wednesday afternoon the Busy Bees, Beautiful Butterflies and Elves did their end of term Easter Musical ‘Flutterpillar’.  What a fantastic show! Once again the children sang their hearts out and some excellent performing skills were displayed.  We asked some of the children what they thought about the play, below are some of their comments.

Wednesday: Normandy Visit – Parents’ Information Evening

On Wednesday afternoon, parents, pupils and staff gathered in Moloney Hall at 4pm. Mrs Chambonnet collected important documents and went through the detailed itinerary of the trip. Thank you all for attending, to Jake Henry for organising the audio and visual presentation of the region and accommodation; and to our catering staff for organising refreshments. Mrs Chambonnet will send all the information covered during the meeting via parent mail for those of you who could not attend. Please continue to bring passports, EHIC cards and euros with your child from Wednesday 18 April if you have not already done so. Many thanks.

By Mrs Chambonnet

Wednesday: Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation Evening

Many of our bronze and silver D of E participants received their awards at Selby Abbey tonight. Mrs Rothwell-Wood and Mr Gisbourne were the very proud teachers who attended the service to witness not only the fantastic achievements of the pupils throughout the year, but also to hear Amy McLellan and Heather Grimshaw  performing two beautiful songs. Amy sang “Read All About It” by Emeli Sande whilst Heather gave the congregation “The Way We Were.” Both songs were beautifully rendered and allowed the congregation to hear the power of Read, because, despite there being many schools there, we were the only one with pupils performing. Well done to all who attended.

Read Oxford Student Delivers Third Killer Blow in a Row in Varsity Cup Match

Finally, we finish with a word on one of our ex-pupils who has been making the headlines through both her academic and sporting prowess. Even making the hockey team for Oxford University is an elite achievement, but captaining it? And to three successive victories against Cambridge for a hat trick of straight varsity wins? It doesn’t get any better than that! A 2-1 win against Cambridge in early March sealed the deal.

It just remains for me to wish you all a happy and relaxing Easter.

Best regards

Mark Voisey