2nd February Newsletter

2 February 2018

Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school

Another busy week has flown by with a huge amount going on in school.

On Tuesday, our boarding house was visited by Trevor Evans, our boarding governor.  Mr Evans – in conjunction with the boarding team – oversees the pastoral well-being of our boarders, introducing himself to the pupils, so they could put a face to the name.  During his time there, he had chance to talk to the boarders about their routines, both in school and out and to try to get a handle on what a week in a boarder’s life is really like.

Read School Boarding
Read School Boarding

The Intermediate Maths Challenge

On Thursday, Mr Dell hosted the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge, a countrywide initiative which ranged from Year 9 to Year 11, which lasted an hour. Owen Harker, of Year 11 told us of the experience.

“It’s a little bit like a test, with graded questions, starting quite easy, but then gradually becoming more difficult, so that by the time you get to question 15, they are really tough!”

Over the course of the paper the boys answered 25 questions, with the punishing later questions having a marking system which deducts off the total for every wrong answer!

Maths Challenge
Maths Challenge  – Eric Alfaro, Owen Harker and Roy He, of Year 11

The test is great practice for GCSE Maths and also allows certification for Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Maths Olympics!  Everyone finds out the results next week, with Mr Dell performing the medal ceremony to the National Anthems of the relevant countries!

The Archbishop of York Young Leaders’ Award

Mrs Wake writes:

Archbishop Award
Archbishop Award
Archbishop Award
Archbishop Award

“Our year 5 & 6 children enjoyed taking part in a cup challenge this afternoon as part of their Archbishop of York Young Leaders’ Award. They worked in groups of four, aiming to stack the plastic cups in less than three minutes. Sounds easy? It would have been; however, they were only allowed to use an elastic band looped contraption to manoeuvre the cups around – they weren’t allowed to touch them with any part of their body at all. This tested out those initial leadership skills and their co-operation and teamwork. Some groups completed the challenge in less than the allotted time, others tried hard but sadly didn’t quite make it. Fantastic to see the children working so brilliantly together, as always.”

                                                            Problem-solving with the preps!

D of E Practice Walks

Fridaythorpe muddy boots
Fridaythorpe muddy boots

Don’t forget this Sunday, that for many of you, it is the Silver and Gold D of E practice expedition, with 8 hours of walking around the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds near Fridaythorpe. A big thank you to Mr Gisbourne and Mrs Rothwell-Wood and students of Year 11 and the Sixth Form for their time and effort. I hope the weather is good to you.

Pupil Profile: Filippo Gerosa

Filippo - Boarding Student
Filippo – Boarding Student

Filippo has caught our eye recently as a sixth former with a burgeoning desire to get into acting. You’ll see him in the next week’s musical, Annie, playing the part of Daddy Warbuck, the patriarchal mentor to young orphan Annie. Filippo has actually been interested in acting for many years, being inspired by current greats such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. As a child – and this makes me feel old – Filippo watched Lord of the Rings back in his home country of Italy in the early 2000s. He started theatre when he was 13, in Italy at school, performing minor “invented” plays at his local Drama Club on Saturday.

The whole thing really took off for him though, when he started to get auditions for shows such as Annie (in school) and in Sister Act down at The Junction in Goole. Here he plays the role of Pablo, the Spanish villain, which will be performed from March 21st -24th down at the Shire Hall in Howden. I asked him about his preparation for various roles and he told me:

 “Well, one of the most important pieces of preparation I can do, is to be ready for auditions by having a few monologues up my sleeve. I have learned a couple of key scenes from films such as Good Will Hunting and as the Joker in The Dark Knight.”

So it is clear that Filippo is busy with these roles. In addition to his academic work and the desire to attend university in London, where he aspires to read History, he hopes at the same time to further his acting career.  Interesting stuff, and it is clear from speaking to Filippo that he is both driven and ambitious in his desire to reach these goals. “Break a leg!” as they say.        

 Certificates in Music

Music - The Read School
Music – The Read School

Congratulations to our following pupils for attaining their singing awards.

From left, Mrs Crompton, Lexie Maw: Grade 3 London Board Merit

Ben Abrams: Grade 3 Trinity Guildhall Distinction

Isla McLellan: Grade 3 London Board Merit & Mr Moulson.

New Starters January 2018 – Welcome

We would like to wish a very warm welcome to all our new starters.

Isabelle (Year 3) & Thomas Haigh (Year 5), Ben Sharpe (Year 10),Vicki Wallace (Year 10), Sally Featherstone (Year 6), Jemima Martin (Year 6)

Thomas Hinchliffe (Pre-School) & Cole Harrison (Year 7)

Senior Fixtures this Weekend

All fixtures this weekend are now away at Ackworth, as you should have been notified by Parentmail.  That’s two netball and two football fixtures in Pontefract.  Good luck to all playing.

It just remains for me to wish you a restful weekend.

Best regards


Mark Voisey