The 350 Commemorative Garden Lives

The 350 commemorative garden is coming along beautifully, with Colin Patrick overseeing the project with care, diligence and patience. The rockery feature – some of which can be seen – is essentially harvested from submerged reclaimed debris from hundreds of years ago from other nearby areas of the school grounds. it is thought that some of this masonry was originally part of the old priory which was knocked down some years ago.

With metal detector and shovels, Colin, along with willing budding gardeners, Matthew Cook, Alex Crossley, Flynn Kelly, Dominic Chennells, Malte Aschenbeck and Alex Rivett have all crafted this beautiful enclave of nature; using an array of bulbs, plants and flowers to complete the look. The hope is that the next month or so will herald the arrival of a pond to complement the features already in place. Well done to all!