350 Curriculum Week: The Sealed Knot

As part of the school’s 350 anniversary celebrations, Mr Simon Wright and his wife Liz from the Sealed Knot Society gave a lecture and demonstration to pupils in Years 7 – 9 on Thursday afternoon 15 June.  The group are a historical society dedicated to educating and re-enacting periods from history; in this case the mid 1600s, which is of course when the school was founded. An interesting and informative talk gave pupils a practical insight into army life 350 years ago.  Replica equipment and weapons added to the sense of realism.  Despite technological advances over time, Simon and Liz showed that in the army some things at least never change.

The demonstration took the form of a digital presentation of life in the time period, with some additional demonstrations of clothing and weaponry. As you can see the pupils even got the opportunity to model the clothing.

Some of the close-up photos show  the intricate detail used to craft the weaponry and how design aided the wielder’s survival (the design of the pommel of a sword for instance) and that though unaided by today’s manufacturing techniques a surpring standard of intricacy was possible in the making of clothing of the period.