7th September 2018 Newsletter

7th September 2018

Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school.

Welcome back to Read, in this the first week of the new term. I imagine you are all breathing a sigh of relief, listening to the sound of silence, a beautific smile fixed upon your face as you enter the house, listening to the absence of things breaking.

The school looks and feels buoyant, with a whopping 40 plus new starters in school, augmenting our numbers in all areas, including pre-prep, prep and the senior school.

Year 10 students genuinely can’t contain their excitement about being back at school

Mrs Ainley, our new Head, has been hard at work recruiting 20 new starters to the senior school, with a nigh-on symmetrical accomplishment in the junior school, at 21. This means that the school has gone up in size for the first September since 2009, marvellous news for all and an unprecedented rise in recruited pupils.

Mr Hill, as previously announced, is now in sole command of the junior school, which now encompasses both the prep and pre-prep areas, giving both areas a more connected, collegiate feel. Just today, house-captains for this area have been established after nominees gave a speech in prep assembly. The successful candidates were as follows:

Phoenix: Eddie Campbell; VC Will Kavanagh
Unicorn: Isabel Addinall; VC Emma Fildes
Dragon: Freya Clayton; VC Tyla Champagnie

What is very heart-warming to know, is the way that the new pupils have wholeheartedly thrown themselves into the fray, with 4 out of the 6 candidates being new to the school. Well done!

Linking in to this, we were very privileged to meet with many of you, the parent body earlier in the week for a junior school welcome to new and continuing parents, for an orientation session down in the prep department. The slot ran over by an hour, so caught up in conversation were we all with all of you. There was a real buzz about the place as parents and staff alike chatted about the year ahead for the youngsters.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
So, despite it being a week of “hellos”, there have also been a few “goodbyes”. We have already outlined in previous editions of the newsletter the few leavers we had in Summer, but we did not say sayonara to one Mr Alfie Thomlinson.

Having been a pupil of the school since 2012 as a young Year 9 boy, Alfie proceeded to become one of our top value-added students of the school at GCSE and A level. He then went on to work as a boarding master in 2017. His work in the House and in school as a learning support assistant was phenomenal, where he showed his dauntless, proactive capability to organise meaningful activities for the boarders: looking after them with tolerance, forbearance and a whole lot of care.

His cheerful disposition, official looking clipboard and penchant for cycling memorabilia will be keenly missed around the school. We wish him every success as he goes on to read History at the University of Lincoln. Freshers’ Week commences on 17 September. Watch out Lincoln!

Alfie. Here pictured going for the world record for most number of collars on show at one time

The Read Summer School Programme 2018

A huge thank you has to go out to Julie Frost a parent and friend of Read, who organised a fantastic programme of activities for pupils both internal and external to Read. Below summarises just some of the key stats for the season:

42 children participated in total (31% non-Read pupils)
28 days of activity (8:30 am – 5:00 pm)
15 different activities: Day trips, Adrenalin theatre, laser run pentathlon, horse riding, cooking, gardening, dance & crafts, Linguacook, tennis camp, bowling ….

Mrs Ainley and the Senior Management Team would like to take the opportunity to once again thank Julie and the staff who ran the workshops, making the Summer an unqualified success, leading to optimism that we can beat this numbers by a significant margin next time!

Please can I ask that for clarity of communication, if your son or daughter is ever chosen to play in a fixture or practice that they cannot make, that a signed letter or phone call is made
as far in advance of the fixture taking place as possible please. We have had sports teams let down in the past by one or two individuals letting us know at the last minute, or just not
turning up on the day, which is not what we are about.

Best regards,

Mark Voisey