8th December Newsletter

Dear Parents, Colleagues and Governors,

This week has seen all areas of our school busy.  As I write, Moloney Hall is being prepared for our annual Christmas Fair by the PFA, who have tirelessly worked to raise money in a variety of ways this term. They began the term with a welcome evening at Selby Superbowl, and have since initiated their Bags2School programme with the ever-welcoming Chat “n” Char event in the morning.  The fair gave an opportunity for all children of the school to visit  at various times.

The Senior Maths Challenge took place on the 6 November at Fulford School in York. Spera Sun of the sixth form attained such a high score she has progressed to an international round, which she completed on Friday and for which we eagerly await the results!  Spera is very modest of her achievements, but even Mr Dell had to get his calculator out to work out how high her score was!

Monday 4 December brought two away matches for the U11 teams with Mr Hill. The U11s rugby went 65-10 in Read’s favour, so a convincing win for them. However, the hockey concluded in a 4-2 Read defeat for the girls, but was closely contested all the same.

Well done to all the boys and girls of the Prep School.


The Prep department have also been busy decorating for Christmas.  Mrs Fairhurst receives top marks for her classroom grotto, which – as you can see – is looking like a festive Christmas cave!

Additionally, Mrs Fairhurst recently set a task for her pupils.  Her challenge was for Years 3 and 4 to ’read somewhere unusual’ last week.  This meant they had to take their novels to some surprising places.  As you can see, the pupils took her at her word and really pushed the boundaries of their imaginations to come out on top!   Here is an example of only two of the many imaginative places the pupils found.  There were many more, all as delightfully mischievous as the ones you see in the pictures.

The Senior School’s PSHE programme involves many issues in society; some of which are often, not spoken about frankly.  On Tuesday we had some awareness raising for the boys. Roger Lennon came in to speak about the Teenage Cancer Trust; doing an open workshop for Years 9 and 10 boys about the disease.  The purpose was mainly to allow the boys to think about early detection from their own perspective.  Girls will take part in a similar workshop after Christmas.

Mrs Shann’s 12 days of Read School Christmas, celebrating the advent with singing, dancing and crazy Christmas japery continued with an ambush on the Read School coach bound for Aladdin!  A big thank you to Mrs Wake, Mrs Watson and the other teachers of the pre-prep and prep departments for taking their charges to Leeds for a pantomime workshop followed by a production of Aladdin. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page of the pupils on the bus, showing their appreciation of the pantomime acting form!

Mr Garrard took the U14s to Hill House for a 7’s rugby tournament on Tuesday 5 December. They did exceptionally well for themselves, winning 4 out of their 6 group matches.

Good teamwork gentlemen.

In the senior school, parents will sometimes ask us what they can do to help with their child’s English skills as we approach GCSE exams.  To this end, I am intending to send out a newspaper article once a week with generic questions underneath. The idea is to involve both the parent and the child and for them to read/work collaboratively on the article, instilling greater understanding through discussion and writing. This has been sent out by ParentMail AND to the students’ email accounts, and will continue to do so every Thursday/Friday.

Here is a link to the first article, which takes a look at the phenomenon of the “quiet carriage” on trains and asks if they are really working or not.

That just about wraps it up for this week’s newsletter, but please look out for a slightly earlier edition next week as we head towards the holiday period.

Best regards

Mark Voisey