9th March 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school

This week has seen one of the busiest of the school calendar to date. After last week’s inclement weather, we have had to reschedule several events to this week. On Thursday evening we had a double-header parents’ evening, involving Year 7 and Year 9 pupils.  An important one, particularly for Year 9, who start to make their subject choices for GCSE.

Please note, the extended deadline for return of GCSE option forms is Friday 16 March.

We have also just completed an inspection, which was a combined FCI (Focused Compliance Inspection) and EQI (Educational Quality Inspection) which looked at every aspect of school life, both pastoral and academic.  Unfortunately, we can’t comment on the findings until the full report comes out, which will be in around a month from now, but suffice to say, we are all very pleased with the result.  A huge thank you to all of you who participated in our school survey, and of course to the pupils themselves, who acquitted themselves with exemplary behaviour and manners throughout the visit, as they always do.

The Hollowford Centre, looking calm and peaceful, prior to 40 prep pupils descending upon it.

Prep School Residential Visit :Tuesday 1 – Friday 4 May 2018

On Monday, Mrs Wake and the Prep staff held an orientation meeting with parents to go through the itinerary and other requirements for the outward bound trip the pupils will be embarking upon at the Hollowford Centre in Castleton in the Peak District.

The tractor factor: pre-prep pupils pose in the bitterly cold March wind

Pre-Prep Visit to Pink Pig Farm

by Mrs Watson

On Thursday 8 March the Elves, Busy Bees and Beautiful Butterflies (formally known as Pre School, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) went to Pink Pig Farm in Scunthorpe.  We all arrived wrapped up warm in our coats, hats, gloves and scarves ready for a cold but fun day.  First we saw the lambs which were only a week old and Farmer Dave came and bottle-fed one of the triplets.

We then went inside, ground some flour and then made our own bread – it was delicious.

Next, we togged ourselves back up and went for a walk around the farm, looking at the huge pieces of machinery and then had fun in the barley store barn.  This was followed by a tractor ride; by this time the weather was freezing and the wind was adding to the chill factor.  I can’t remember ever being so cold before!  We enjoyed our ride but were all pleased when we got back to the warm cosy room for our lunch.  After lunch we had great fun, climbing, running, jumping and sliding in the Pink Pig Play Barn.  A cold, but fun-filled day was had by all.

Prep School visit to Murton Park, a report on the Roman Fort by Joseph Wake 4LF

On Friday 23 February, Year 3/4 went to the Roman fort at Murton Park. When we got there we marched to the Roman fort.  When you march you have to say ‘cin dex’ which means left and right in Latin. When we got there first we got shown round the Roman fort by a Roman called Marcus. First he showed us our barracks – the barracks are where the Romans sleep and stuff.

After that we saw the place where the boss of the Roman army sleeps and eats. He gets a villa because he is the most special Roman of all. He even gets a swimming pool!

Eventually we got to dress up as Romans then we made oil lamps and the clay was so squishy. The oil lamps are to keep the Romans warm in their barracks, because the barracks are freezing! Then we had lunch everybody was starving!  We ate lunch then we practised fighting. Some of the group did sword fighting and some did javelin. They taught us how to fight someone. When you shout one you bash them with a shield, shout 2 you stab them with the sword 3 you twist and pull. Then we swapped over we did javelin and they did sword fighting. When you do javelin you aim the spear then you throw it. Finally, when we had done that took our Roman clothes off and got paid with Roman money. The Roman money is so shiny it looked like a 5p. After that we got our lunch boxes, put them in a cart and took it to the bus and went home that was the day I was in a Roman fort.

Budding waiters and waitresses, with their wares.

Mothers’ Day- in all areas of the school

In the Pre-Prep department, the young “bees and caterpillars” have had a busy week baking and preparing an afternoon tea for their Mums.  A lovely time was had by all, including our inspectors, who were treated to the heart-warming sight of Pre-Prep mums being waited on hand and foot by the little ones in recognition of the fact that mothers everywhere are brilliant!

As if to concur with this fact, elsewhere in the school, some of our devoted senior school mums from the PFA set up yesterday and today with a pop-up shop for pupils and teachers to purchase presents for their mums this Sunday. A big thank you to those ladies who were involved with this initiative, your time and effort is appreciated.

Best regards

Mark Voisey