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Inclusive Learning

Inclusive Read Read is a community with a nurturing, family atmosphere, in which each pupil is recognised and valued as an individual, develops self-respect and is able to develop meaningful and caring relationships with others.

High expectations and standards are expected of everyone, allowing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to pervade the school. We recognise that many children need a little extra help at times and some children need longerterm support so that they can fulfil their true potential.

We welcome into the school, children with a wide variety of talents and needs and believe that all members of the school community have an entitlement to develop to their full potential. The school aims to achieve this by providing educational and extra-curricular experiences which develop pupils’ achievements and recognise their individuality.

Diversity is recognised as a rich resource which supports the learning of all. Within the school we aim to provide all children, regardless of gender, race, religion and educational ability, the same right of access to a broadly balanced and differentiated curriculum, appropriate to their individual abilities, talents and personal qualities. Whilst accepting that all pupils have the right of access to the full curriculum, some pupils will require support which may mean that modifications have to be made.

We are committed to providing good quality support for any of our pupils requiring extra help, as soon and for as long, as it is needed. We provide a caring environment where children can feel secure, are positive about learning and build good and healthy relationships with both teachers and other pupils.

Academic progression for our supported children is seen as very important, so that they can succeed in the increasingly competitive world in which we live, and results show that our children consistently exceed previous expectations.