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The difference a school makesMr & Mrs Abrams Testimonial
Possibly the best decision we have ever made was the day we decided to send our children to Read.

We initially visited Read School for our son, ready to start in year 7. We were welcomed at Moloney Hall and shown around by a really polite well mannered Sixth former. He started in the Prep School, which we didn’t find relevant to start with as we were looking from year 7, however, as soon as we walked in and met the teachers and saw the way they teach individuals we were hooked, not just for one child, but for my daughter too. I will never forget the conversation on the way home, “how can we not send our children there”.

Since starting, both children have developed so well, and more than we could have hoped for. They have become very good well-rounded individuals. The main difference in our daughter is her confidence. From not wanting to speak out even in front of her class friends at her previous school to playing Cinderella in the Read School play and even singing solo! She also now loves playing competitive sport and looks forward to lessons and tests, where once she would have panicked.

Our son has gone from strength to strength. We have felt the school has worked on his weaknesses whilst helping him improve his strengths.

It may only be a little thing to some people, but we feel proud that we can take our children to any situation and they will be confident, polite and hold a good level of conversation. We cannot as parents take all the credit for this, we fully believe it is down to the schooling they receive from Read.

Mr & Mrs Abrams

Wistow, Selby

Daisy Speak TestimonialSince our daughter Daisy started high school, it became increasingly apparent that she needed extra help with her education. The school she was studying at before she moved to The Read School wasn’t giving Daisy the help, or attention, she needed. Coupled with the fact that the school was full of unfriendly students, we decided that our daughter needed to move to somewhere more suited to nurture her educational needs.

After many recommendations and a thorough and friendly school visit, we decided that The Read School would be the best place for Daisy to continue her high school education.

Since joining and studying at The Read school, we first noticed a significant increase in Daisy’s attitude towards school. She quickly made friends with the students currently attending The Read School, which we feel helped a great deal. The highly professional teachers were also willing to give Daisy the extra help she needed, and approached certain subjects with unorthodox methods to help Daisy learn in a way that suits her needs.

Daisy has gone from having zero interest in school, to now being part of multiple school clubs, including drama and music. She has been given encouragement and support to develop skills in activities she now loves. We receive no less than weekly updates from the school on Daisy’s attitude, progress and general mood in all school activities.

We are very impressed with the education and help Daisy is receiving at The Read School and look forward to her GCSE results, which we know will be more than what we hoped for with the help of the excellent staff and friendly, polite students that attend The Read School.


Read School makes an important distinction between intelligence and ability. The school has fundamental values and welcomes in all pupils who wish to try hard to be the best they can be.  There is has an excellent team, able to tailor education to each child’s individual needs so that they all have a chance to show improvement.

Our daughter had struggled at her previous school. She has Dyslexia and they could not offer the kind of support she needed.  As she progressed into upper school, she was struggling to keep up in class despite her efforts and her marks declined. She has always been good at maths but even that subject suffered.  It was time to look at other options.

We looked at other schools but Read School was offering what our daughter needed.  She came for a taster day and was welcomed in by the pupils and teachers alike.  We decided to move schools straight away.

Following a comprehensive assessment, Mr and Mrs Patrick developed a personal plan for Amy which was to compliment the main curriculum.  It was a joy to see her enthusiasm for school return and her work improve. The school work not only with weak areas but with each pupil’s strengths too.

The evidence is there already.  Not only have Amy’s weak areas improved but in just under a year she is back in the top maths set with support which can be adjusted as she needs it.

We have seen her confidence return in school and this is also showing in everyday life. She has just started the new school year and we are certain we made the right decision last year to move her to Read School.

Read School do not waste fees on expensive advertising campaigns nor do they harvest in A* students from elsewhere. The school speaks for itself, instead they concentrate on what is important.  Every child deserves an opportunity to develop their education and interests with the abilities they have to show individual improvement.