Appeal from Former Pupil – Ben Watson

Hi, my name is Ben Watson and on 4 June I will be skydiving 15000 feet out of a plane; this is something I have never done before.  The reason I am doing this is to raise money for pancreatic cancer, from which my godmother Jackie Bennett sadly died.

Pancreatic cancer in most people goes unnoticed and sadly by the time a diagnosis is made the cancer is usually too far advanced.  At best the survival rate is five years, however most people survive only one year.

Jackie was a major influence in my life and always encouraged me to try my very best and live life to the full and taking every opportunity which passed my way.  To this end she bought me a skydive for my 18th birthday to give me a lifetime experience I would never forget.  Sadly Jackie died in her husband’s arms three days before I was due to jump.  I felt I’d let her down at the time, however Jackie had never told me her time left was so short, as always shielding me from any pain, showing her true love for me.

I am now trying to turn this tragic loss of such a wonderful lady into a positive and with the help of Jackie’s husband Graham, I have rearranged my jump for 4th June, which happens to be ‘Jump for Pancreatic Cancer’ month.

My goal is to raise £1000 by 4 June which I realise is a short space of time.  If you could possibly donate any amount, however small, to help me reach my target, it would be much appreciated.  I would truly love to donate for more research into this deserving yet unrecognised cancer.  If you are able to help, please visit my JustGiving page https// or find the link on Watson’s MOT and Service Centre Facebook page.

Thank you

Ben Watson