End of Term

End of Term

9 February 2018

Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school,

Annie: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6 – 8 February

The highlight of this week has been the senior school production, Annie.  At the time of writing, the production has just finished and the whole barnstorming whirlwind is over.  I am not going to produce a huge list of thanks (this was done last night) but suffice it to say, I would like to congratulate the pupils in the cast, backstage and on the technical platform for an excellent production under the ever-vigilant and talented eye of Mrs Belinda Maunsell, our Head of Drama.  It truly was a delight and reflected our pupils in the best possible light, as these photos below attest to!  I do hope you all managed to come along and witness the spectacle, worthy of a Broadway review!

Oliver Warbucks (Filippo Gerosa); Annie (Olivia Crossley); and Grace (Isla McLellan
Fred McCracken (Joe Scholefield) Bert Healey (Tom Scholefield) along with “Sound Effects Man” (Flynn Kelly)


The irascible Miss Hannigan (Evangeline Barnby) and Grace (Amy McLellan)

The Royal Armouries: Friday 9 February

Today, we have a senior school trip out to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. This is a large one, as it is a joint venture for the CCF and the history department, so we have a contingent of nearly sixty pupils leaving for the museum.

 Literal Knights in Shining Armour

 This means Years 7, 8, 9 and the historians in Year 10 will all be out of school, experiencing not only the exhibits and demonstrations but getting some hands-on experience in two workshops.

Skiers Leave For Andorra

Finally, we wish our Andorra trip all the best, as they head out for their ski-venture from Sunday 11 February to the following Sunday, 18 February.  We hope your weather is as good as this!


Silly Cow!  –  All of February

The saga of the local cattle attempting to gain entry into Read school grounds continue in this week’s thrilling instalment of Cowgate!  Trying to shoo a hairy half-ton highland heifer down a road and tempting it back to its field, is easier said than done.



Cow in field – Yes!  

It just remains for me to wish you a bovine-free weekend and a happy half term.


Best regards

Mark Voisey