Frankie Goes To Hollywood

OK, so she’s not in Hollywood yet, but she’s on her way! In this piece, Francesca Turton of Year 10 describes her recent forays into the world of broadcast media, as she earns the opportunity to sing nine (yes, 9!) of her own songs, composed and performed by her on local radio station, Vixen Radio. As many of you will know, she is one of a number of elite female vocalists we are blessed to have at Read. Here she tells us about these recent experiences.

“On the 29th of September I did a gig on Vixen Radio’s show ‘Fox’s Den’. The show was three hours long, starting at 9pm, and I got the chance to sing quite a few of my original songs.

In the first hour I introduced myself then sang three of my songs in between other records being played. This is also what I did in the last two hours. Overall I managed to sing nine of my own songs and talk a bit about each one beforehand.

I greatly enjoyed the experience and had great fun listening to the show being produced right in front of me. I feel very lucky to have had this experience, even if it was a bit tiring to have to stay up until midnight!”

Frankie Turton