A special report by Mary Couch, Year 5

On Wednesday 15th February the Prep School went on a trip to Magna Science Adventure Centre.

Firstly it was the journey. There was a bus for every class and the journey was forty-five minutes to an hour. When we arrived at Magna we had to walk in pairs towards the building. When we got into the warm building Mrs Wake had to check us all in. We carried the lunch bags to the other room.

Next, the guide led Years 3 and 4 to their workshop about solids, liquids and gases. Years 5 and 6 went to the Earth pavilion. When we got to the Earth part everyone wanted a go on the diggers but there was so much to see, not everyone got to. There were some really great activities in the Earth part, but eventually we had to leave.

Later on we went to the best part, which was the Water pavilion. It was awesome! You could squirt water at boards to flip them over. Ella and I got a bit wet because we squirted each other! Next was the Fire pavilion with different surfaces to feel and a fire tornado. We then went to the Air pavilion which was pretty awesome too. There were tubes which you could talk to each other through. There was an air tornado which was really cool. Next we had lunch, which was just sandwiches, crisps, fruit and a drink.

After lunch we went to a workshop about stars and planets. It was very interesting and educational. He asked some of us to volunteer. Everyone got involved and it was amazing. Next we went to the gift shop and all bought accessories. Finally we all got on the busses and went back to school.