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Leiths Cookery Programme – A Recipe for Success


Read School is renowned for its high-quality teaching of Food Preparation and Nutrition (FPN) - promoting ambitious and healthy cooking - but has taken things to another level since becoming trusted partners of the prestigious Leiths Cookery School, London. Only one of two schools to offer this esteemed course in the North, our lucky pupils have the opportunity to foster a love of good, nutritious food to last a lifetime. Keen would-be chefs can achieve excellent Leiths Cookery School qualifications in Read’s FPN lessons to help them in future careers or simply to master great cookery skills for life.

Leiths is a fresh yet traditional way to bring cookery lessons to our school, as a professional and respected authority in the food industry - most parents recognise the name 'Leiths'. 

Pupils learn food hygiene, knife skills and kitchen management, whilst developing independence, teamwork, and creativity. By the end of their course they'll have a great set of skills, whether whipping up a healthy midweek meal, cooking for university living, on a ski season or GAP year, or as a solid start to working in the food & catering industries.

Read’s Leith-partnered lessons see pupils cooking all kinds of astonishing recipes that most adults would hesitate to attempt e.g. Hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, meringues, souffles as well as banquets with several courses. Pupils take things to another level gaining respected food qualifications, making them potential Michelin star holders of the future!

Head of FPN, Ms Sarah Rothwell, passed the Leiths School of Food and Wine Chef Skills CPD course over 24 weeks, making her part of a small, exclusive, and talented UK band of official Leiths Cookery Programme instructors. 

Sixth Formers can enrol on the ‘Leiths Certificate in Food and Wine’, which can lead to opportunities for paid employment via the esteemed ‘Leiths list’. The five-term Introductory Certificate (with 36 UCAS points on offer) makes our FPN timetable second-to-none, in collaboration with Leiths. The qualification is also accredited as a Level 3 Certificate in Professional Cookery, highly regarded by UCAS, and carries a significant number of points, complementary alongside other A level subjects. Current pupils on the course are already thriving with some Sixth Formers having already achieved Level 2 Hygiene & Safety certificates.

By invitation only and for an extra charge - with pupils bringing in their own ingredients - we also offer the popular Leiths Toolbox Course, in the state-of-the-art purpose-built Read Food Room with fully equipped workstations. Talented pupils in Yrs 8-13 (plus selected Yr7s) are invited to undertake a course of 12 two-hour cooking sessions after school (or as part of a summer enrichment programme). This course is a hands-on, fun-packed course that gives pupils the opportunity to master the building blocks of cooking and gain a range of key cooking skills as they learn to cook a range of delicious, often complex dishes. 

Pupils receive weekly time plans and recipes alongside a Leiths cooking apron and chef’s hat, which they keep. Fully Leiths-trained staff demonstrate elements of the new dishes, each week, with certificates issued on completion. This course fulfils the requirements for the ‘Skill’ section of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, in Yr9 or above. 

We aim to inspire our young chefs to leave Read inspired to keep on cooking with confidence, skills, and a dash of panache.