The Prep Residential: Kingswood in Doncaster

Mary Couch describes the first day of our Kingswood residential:

Monday 15th May

The Prep School went on a residential to Kingswood. The first thing we did was gather together at school. Then Mrs Wake told us what was going to happen when we arrived, then we set off. When we arrived we just dropped off our bags because we weren’t allowed to see our dorms yet. So we went to a place called Conisbrough Castle. We had lots of fun and climbed to the top of the tower.

At about quarter past twelve we had some lunch and after that we walked back to Kingswood. At half past two we started the first activity, which was called the Leap of Faith. The Leap of Faith was a big wooden pole with climbing steps on it and a platform at the top. The aim was to get to the platform and jump off to catch the trapeze. I got just under the platform, even though my friend Ella got to the top and just missed the trapeze.

Next we had a site tour from our main instructor, who was called Jade. In that activity we saw the centre and went to our dorms to unpack.

Following that we went to dinner and had beef lasagne, garlic bread, sweetcorn and carrots. It was very tasty. Then we had a night activity. We did the Scrapheap Challenge. We had to make a rocket which wouldn’t pop a water balloon (which was inside it) when dropped from the top of a building. None of them worked so all the teachers threw water balloons at us instead! Finally we went back to our dorms and went to bed.


Lizzy Nield reports on the second day at Kingswood:

Tuesday 16th May:

At 7.30am we woke and got ready for breakfast. We walked over to breakfast and had to wait for a while for the queue to go down. Once we got to the tables we were ravenous.

After breakfast we went to the fencing hall and we started by playing a game called Cat and Mouse to test our reactions. Then we learned the basics and put on the suit and helmet and started fighting!

Next we went on the low ropes. On the low ropes you have one person on each side of you and you have to do the obstacles with them supporting you. Following low ropes we had Team Tech. In Team Tech we had to build the tallest tower and a tree that held all of our shoes. Then we had to invent an object. Our team made a TV that can do everything. Team 2 made a dragon hover-board.

Then we did abseiling. On the way to abseiling we learned a song about bagels from the instructor. Abseiling was pretty scary but I managed to do it!

In the evening we went to the shop, where the most popular thing was sweets! Next we went to the campfire where we sang songs and played games. It was fun. Then we went to our dorms and went to bed.


Isaac Stephens (year 5) describes the final day of residential at Kingswood:

Wednesday 17th May

The last day of residential at Kingswood, we had a lot of fun. In the morning we woke up, got dressed and went to have breakfast. I had sausage, hash browns and spaghetti hoops. This gave me lots of energy for the day ahead. Our first activity was Aeroball, which is a game where you jump on a trampoline and try to get the ball into different hoops. I scored five goals!

Next we went to Laserzone, where they gave us laser guns and a hat with sensors. I was on the blue team with Mr Hill and Roman. It was really fun because we could climb and laser people. After a little break we went to Nightline. This is where you are blindfolded and have to work as a group to get around an obstacle course. It was raining and muddy, but it was great fun.

After a really nice lunch of pizza and wedges, we got onto the coach to come back to school. I enjoyed my time at Kingswood. My favourite activity was abseiling and I can’t wait for residential next year!