Pupil Profile: Ella Frost of the Prep Department

Ella Frost, of 5RW, competes to a very high level in a sport she loves. However, in this sport, Ella needs to be good at not just one event, but four! Ella is a tetrathlete and therefore trains for four very different disciplines. Competitively, Ella trains for the following sports as part of her Tetrathlon:

1) Swimming – she has to swim the most number of lengths in 2 minutes;

2) Riding  – specifically showjumping. Ella rides with her veteran horse, Carlo,  who is 13 hands high and 15 years old;

3) Running – 1km, a medium distance event where Ella competes in a race;

4) Shooting – In this event, Ella has 5 shots on one target ( with 1 practice and 2 more targets competing) Ella’s personal best (PB) in this event is a very impressive – 880/1000 points.

So Ella has competed a number of times in events dotted around the country, but has aspirations to go even further: she wants to upgrade to the pentathlon! This entails a fifth sport being added to the four she already competes in, this time fencing! With regard to the skillful sword-based duelling, Ella has begun practising at Bishop Burton college to hone her skills. In conjunction with mum and dad, Ella has taken the very mature decision to begin training now in all of these  events, so that by the time she is 14, she will be legally old enough to compete in the pentathlon properly, and will hopefully then have trained to a sufficiently high level to be a great competitor.

The pictures below show Ella both during and after some of these competitions, in the various different events already mentioned.

A fantastic achievement at such a young age Ella, keep it up, and good luck for the future!