Read v Mount St Mary’s Netball U15

Annie Henry executing the perfect Centre pass as the Mount St Mary’s player walks on sunshine!

What a superbly matched game we had against Mount St Mary’s today. We came out hard and the girls made some excellent passes in order to work the ball down the court. It was level scoring initially but Mount St Mary’s took an early lead. Katie Watson and Alex Collinson had to hold it together and did a brilliant job of moving through the circle in order to receive balls from Annie Henry and Amy Lister. We were soon in the lead but it kept fluctuating and by the final quarter it could have been anyone’s game. Grace Handforth, Lucy Barrick, Holly Langdale and Anya McAvoy Held strong defence and in the closing seconds we had a shot to win but missed, this was followed by Mount St Mary’s shooting to win but they also missed; final score was 29-29.