Selby Community House

The Business Studies crew, comprised of GCSE pupils, with Mrs Kavanagh and Tony Appleton

We visited Community House in Selby as part of our research task for our GCSE course in Business Studies.  We prepared an interview for the ten funders who attended the event so that we had a structure to use and were able to capture relevant information needed for our task which involves understanding what social enterprises exist in the local area and identifying gaps for social enterprise.  We also put together a questionnaire so that we could capture quantitative data from the public and businesses who attended the event.  When we arrived at Community House we were greeted by Mr Tony Appleton, a wonderful buffet lunch was provided for us which was much better than the lunch at school. We were taken on a tour of Community House to gain an understanding of the types of businesses who use the facilities. Then we were taken into the funding room which was crowded with potential entrepreneurs trying to access funds for their ideas.  Individually we spoke to each of the funders to gain vital information for our studies. Most of the funders we spoke to were not from Selby but sent by their funding groups.  All of them described how much they had achieved with their social enterprise but also how much still needs to be done.  We were told that there are families from Syria who need a home, ex-miners who need support after the closing of the mines in the UK and the need for jobs and skills, old people who are isolated within their homes within our own society.  We were told how one of the funders helps to reintegrate ex-prisoners from the three prisons in Doncaster.  I didn’t realise how diverse this area of study is, as there are so many different sectors of society that need help and support. We as a group would like to thank Mr Appleton for the opportunity, we have all gained a real insight into a different aspect of the business world.

Ellie Williams, Year 11