Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

4 May 2018


Dear Parents, Colleagues, Governors and Pupils of the school,


Welcome to this week’s newsletter.  There is so much to celebrate this week.  As often happens with regard to the week’s news, it begins slow, then gains momentum as the week progresses.  We have a huge number of competition winners and high-flyers showcased in this week’s edition.  Some of them are young Read pupils, some of them older, and still further on, there are those who have left Read to achieve great things. We are proud of you all!


Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition  28 – 29 April

You wouldn’t think it was nearly May, would you? Year 10 pupils from left to right: James Field, Abi Senior, Alex Wilkinson, Will McLaughlan, Spencer Smith and Zain Khan

The Silver D of E pupils did very well walking in the pouring rain all day Friday and enduring a very cold night under canvas on Friday night followed by a nine-hour hike across the Yorkshire Moors on Saturday.  One pupil dropped out with a knee injury but all the others passed the practice expedition, which was unfortunately cut short due to incoming poor weather.

Andy Zhang, Spera Sun, Celia Wu and Nic Lee cooking their tea.  

“What’s the temperature?” we asked them. “Two degrees,” they told us

Year 11 Geography Field Trip

On Thursday 19 April, Year 11 geography pupils visited the Little River Don on the edge of the Peak District hills.  After the failed attempts to collect data before Easter due to the poor weather, high river levels and incessant rain, it was time to return and do battle with the elements. These factors really weren’t a problem on April’s hottest day since 1949!  Instead glorious sunshine and clear blue sky were the order of the day and cooling down by standing in the river was a pleasant relief.

Tom and Alex trying to find out how long a piece of string is…

 The purpose of the day was to survey the river from the top, where it starts on the boggy marshes to a couple of miles downstream.  The pupils were expected to measure width, depth, gradient, velocity and sediment size of the river at three locations along its course. As part of the geography course, pupils will be examined on their ability to be able to explain how to carry out fieldwork.  Pupils saw the formation of an oxbow lake and meander migration on the floodplain.

Tom Broomhead, Oliver Weston, Holly Kantecki, Annie Henry, Alex Collinson and Nick Reed

amble through the valley

Evangeline Barnby – Barnsley Festival 24 -27 April

Evangeline has been in attendance at Barnsley recently, achieving some amazing results with her singing. She won no fewer than nine first places at Barnsley.  That is an astonishing achievement which is made all the better after receiving the highest possible outstanding mark.

At the Festival Concert on Friday night Evangeline competed for an award for the most promising drama performance of the event and won this and the beautiful silver award.

In the prize winners concert, Evangeline performed a drama solo, mime solo and to the delight of the audience, her Old Time Music Hall singing / performance solo which received the largest cheer of the evening.  It is certainly edifying, the number of different styles Evangeline can turn her hand to, and something which she, and the school is very proud of. Well done Evangeline!

Victorious! Nine times winner, Evangeline Barnby holds her trophy and certificates aloft

 Robbie Oliver, Touring with Oxford University’s First XV: 30 April 2018

Robbie, grinning in Croatia

Former Read Head Boy Robbie Oliver had his first taste of international rugby while playing for the Oxford University first XV – The Blues – against the Croatian national team in Split. The result was never in doubt with the Oxford boys coming out resounding 66-10 winners. Having played in Croatia on Friday evening Robbie was back in action at Iffley Road, Oxford three days later in the intercollegiate Cuppers competition, where his college team Corpus Christi/Somerville beat the then reigning Cuppers champions Keble College in the Plate semi-final.  A week later, they became the Plate Champions, winning the first silverware for the club.

But it hasn’t been all rugby; academically, it has been a very busy time too. Having been awarded a full scholarship at the beginning of the year, Robbie recently received four offers to study for his DPhil (3 from Oxford and one from Cambridge), finally deciding to take up a place at New College, Oxford where his studies will focus on ‘maximising the electroluminescence in perovskite photovoltaic solar cells.’ He will be supervised by Professors Henry Snaith and Donal Bradley – two extremely eminent professors in this field! Robbie is hoping that this research will lead to major advances in the efficiency and viability of utilising renewable energy from the sun, which can only be good for the planet! Well done Robbie, come back and visit soon!

The Read School Equestrian Team Has Their First Outing

The girls, pictured below, had their team performance together at the NSEA (National School Equestrian Association) last weekend. They were showjumping at Epworth in North Lincolnshire, where their combined skills were put to the test for the first time.

The team of four included: Ella Frost, Sally Featherstone, Emily Crossley and Imogen Lockie.

The girls began by jumping in the 80cm class, garnering themselves an overall finishing place of third.  A great start!  Sally also achieved an individual fifth place. The next event was the “mixed” event where the girls all competed at varying heights according to their ages, varying from 70 cm up to 1m.  A superb effort by the team as they attained an excellent second place this time.  With this result, they have qualified for the finals at Hickstead!  What a great day girls, and on your very first outing: imagine what can be achieved after the team has a few more outings under its belt!

So, once again, much has been achieved by pupils of every age, showing a large dose of good old-fashioned Yorkshire gumption!  It merely remains for me to wish you a very enjoyable weekend, whatever you may be up to.

Best regards

Mark Voisey