The Talent Show

On Friday 3 March 2017, 30 pupils from Years 3-11 entertained a huge audience with their guitar playing, magic tricks, piano playing and singing talents.

There were 6 acts on show from the Prep School, and they all performed excellently. The runner-up from these pupils was Rhea Chadha from year 3. She was dressed in a beautiful long dress with her amazingly long hair seemingly reaching the floor. She sang ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the film Titanic.  It was sung beautifully in pitch from the start to the end.  A well deserved runner up.  The winners, much to their surprise, were Jay McHale and Isaac Stephens doing magic tricks.  In rehearsal they were getting a little muddled, but by Friday night they had got the headmaster and Mr Gisbourne involved and all the tricks went perfectly!

In the senior school, my job was made very difficult as I had to decide if the performers could do all their prepared pieces! After much persuasion from the girls I ended up agreeing to everything.  I thought I should apologise for the late ending of the event, but it was worth every minute as anyone who attended will agree.  From Frankie and Isla in Year 9 through to Alice, Daisy, Evangeline and Amy in Year 10 and Nic, Ruby, Steph and Ellie in Year 11, the music was powerful and emotional: a testament to the dedication and energy of the students involved.

There are not enough words to explain how I felt at the end of that show!
The judges, Mr Gisbourne, Mrs Rothwell-Wood and Mrs Turton, had the unenviable task of deciding who should be the runner up and winner and after much deliberation the result was that Alice was runner-up and Frankie came first.  Both girls performed their own compositions.  I would like to thank the judges for their lovely comments made throughout a very long evening.  I am sure the children will take those comments on board for their future performances.