Year 9 English pupils offer opinions

Pupils have been preparing for their end of year assessments in English.  These Year 9 pupils were given 45 minutes to write about whether they agree that;

“People become too attached to their pets.  Animals are here to be useful not to be spoilt.”

I hope you enjoy reading some of their ideas as much as I did.

Miss Cross

Dominic Chennells

I agree with the statement because people get really attached to the animals and treat them like children.  Some companies make money from pet owners by selling them things that aren’t needed.  For example a cat scratching post can cost uo to £400.  What’s wrong with the garden fence?  Another point is some pet owners want the newest toys and beds for their animals when a simple doormat or old piece of clothing is just as good.

Animal lovers seem to think their pets need special diets.  Supermarkets now sell specialist food products like gluten-free, lactose-free and grain-free. In older times people would give their pets food like hearts, livers, brains.  This is much cheaper than the tinned food and better for them.  This is treating them like a child and spoiling them.

Cat and dog accessories can go to the extreme of diamond encrusted collars and automatic opening doors for the pets.  The pets could just use a ten pound collar.  The pets don’t know what collar they are wearing, whether it has diamonds on it or not.  Why do you need a diamond encrusted collar and coat?

Buying all these things for their animals, makes them want to show off to their friends and what they have for them but it doesn’t make them love their pets any more.

Cat litter can range in price from £2 a bag to £25 a bag.  Why pay for that when old newspaper does the same thing?  You are also throwing away £25 every time you get some more.

Pets can often be a substitute for children and animals should be used to help their owners in working on farms, docks, airports, guide dogs.  These dogs don’t have the luxury of most pets and they are still the same animals.

Dominic Chennells

I don’t agree with ‘People become too attached to their pets.  Animals are here to be useful, not to be spoilt, ‘ because people do what they want, it’s their own pet not anyone else’s.

Alex Wilkinson

Also I think it’s ridiculous to say they are just there to be useful. That is not true at all.  Sometimes the pets who aren’t useful are the best, for example, say you have a fat sausage dog who is always comforting and always by your side, you may like that dog more than a sheepdog who is really useful but doesn’t comfort you.

Another reason is when the animal gets injured, for example a racehorse; as soon as it is injured it is useless.  What happens if they did the same thing to humans?  That means that every time someone got injured, their career would be over or they would kill them because they are useless.  That means there would be less people because people get injured every day.

I think when you spoil an animal, you can spoil them to a certain extent but not over the top.  Sometimes owners give their pets things they can’t eat, like chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so even if you are rewarding them, you could actually be killing them. Another reason is if you keep rewarding them every time then it won’t be discipline.  It will be naughty like a little child if you reward it after they have done something wrong and they will carry on doing bad things.

When humans do something dirty they normally get referred to as an animal which isn’t right because animals can’t help being dirty, it’s their natural instinct to do that. Imagine if someone referred to you as being dirty?

Overall I don’t think it’s right what the quote refers to.

Alex Wilkinson