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Read School

The warmth of the welcome to be experienced at Read School is something
truly special. An open, friendly, and proud environment for growing minds.
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Read School 2018 & 2019 Vacancies

Read School is now taking applications for 2018 & 2019 starters
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Award Winning Music

Read School offers a wide variety of music opportunites
so that pupils can benefit from a fully rounded musical experience

Read School Sports

With frequent sports fixtures the school enjoys a competitive sporting nature
that benefits all and helps to maintain focus on self and team performance

Read School Inclusive Learning

The learning experience at Read School caters towards each
individual learning style using tailor-made teaching methods
Read School Pre School

Read School Pre-School

Give your child the best possible start preparing them
for the move on to Prep School

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Read School Prep

Providing small class sizes to enable pupils to benefit from the
appropriate care and attention a growing mind desires

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Read School Seniors

Differentiated teaching to meet individual learning styles and allow
for independent readiness for the introduction to further education

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Read School Sixth Form

Promoting confidence and independence, an enquiring mind
of others whilst maintaining strong demand of themselves

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Read School is a child-centred school based in North Yorkshire

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There is something for everybody here at Read School, Drax.
We invite you to visit our school to see for yourself the investment in our pupils’ development through nurturing their potential.

We enjoy visits from prospective students and families looking to apply for places at Read School

We offer both full-boarding and flexi-boarding, providing support for families who need to take business trips

More than 350 Years of Experience

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