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Dance is currently taught within the Key Stage 2 curriculum to Years 3 to 6 and is a weekly, 55-minute lesson.  Dance allows pupils to: 
  • Explore and express their creativity

  • Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control, co-ordination and balance

  • Build up confidence, teamwork and leadership skills within solo and group performances. 

The classes also promote health, wellbeing and positivity through the use of mindfulness, yoga and breathing techniques.  Pupils also have the opportunity to create their own dances within a variety of themes to a range of music styles. 

Within the dance curriculum, pupils learn movements and dances from a number of dance styles and traditional/social dances from different times and cultures. The Junior School aims to achieve a strong cross-curricular link between subjects and dance offers many opportunities for this. The following are just a few examples: 

English - Storytelling through movement 

Maths – opportunity to learn shapes, patterns, numbers and counting in a visual and kinaesthetic way. 

Science & PE – Learning about the body, how to keep it healthy, positive effects of exercise, how to prevent injury etc

ICT – Use of technology within lessons, pupils have the opportunity to interact with this, learning about algorithms and using these to create dance pieces. 

History – Links to topics such as The Romans, Tudors, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, World War 2, Modern history 60s – 00s etc. Pupils learn about and explore the traditional dances, music and ways of life during these times. 

Art – Exploring art through movement and using art pieces as a stimulus to create dance choreography 

Drama – use of movement and dance in school productions


After School Dance

Francesca’s Dance Academy @ The Read School

After school dance is taught by Francesca’s Dance Academy. Through its membership of the IDTA this provides expert and qualified tuition in a number of dance styles. Pupils have the opportunity to study these dance styles, take IDTA examinations and take part in performances. 

Dance styles that can be studied include Ballet, Tap, Freestyle, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft, Street Dance and Contemporary. Pupils can work through grades, receiving medals and certificates and can also achieve UCAS tariff points for certain qualifications. Pupils aged 15+ can also begin to study for teaching through the IDTA and can take their first teaching qualification, level 3, at age 17 within Freestyle Dance. 

All classes are taught by Miss Newman: who is a trained, fully qualified member and dance teacher through the IDTA, with specialist training and teaching in Ballet, Modern Jazz and Freestyle Dance. 

Dance classes currently take place in Moloney Hall providing a large dance space with wooden flooring and a staging area. The classes are open to boys and girls of all ages and adult dance classes can also be offered on request. 

Fees are paid half termly to ‘Francesca’s Dance Academy’ and vary depending on the length of the lesson and number of weeks in the term.  Private tuition within certain dance styles is also available.  Dance clubs are also provided during certain holidays within Read School holiday programme. 


F Newman

PGCE, BA Hons Dance with Digital Performance, IDTA Associate & Licentiate level.

DBS, First Aid