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Scholarships & Bursaries


Read School’s commitment to offering scholarships to pupils with real talent and potential for excellence is a proud and long-standing one.

Scholarships and exhibitions are awarded on merit. Scholarships are worth up to 25% of tuition fees, with exhibitions worth 10%. Candidates may sit for more than one award, but the total award will not exceed 25%. Exhibitions may be awarded to candidates who show talent, but not of a sufficient standard to attract the major award.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 01757 618248 or email on

Academic Scholarship

As well as the prestige that comes with being a Read School Scholar, pupils can expect a fee remission of up to 25%.

Candidates complete the Academic Scholarship application form attached and will be invited to sit papers in English and Maths, plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning (VRQ) tests.

Sixth Form Scholarship

If a candidate is looking for a Sixth Form Scholarship place, our expectation is that the candidate would be predicted to gain a minimum of 6 GCSE passes at grade 7-9 (A*/A). The scholarship would be confirmed following publication of GCSE results.

Sports Scholarship

Read School is a centre of excellence for sport and has a good reputation in interschool matches, especially for a small school. Several Read pupils play competitive sport at County or national level, outside school.

A small number of Sports Scholarships are offered for performance in a sport which is currently played at Read School, and can be applied for by completing a Sports Scholarship application form. As well as supplying references, candidates will be required to demonstrate their ability in the sport and to attend an interview with the Head of PE.

Art / DT Scholarship

Candidates will be expected to provide a portfolio of work for examination by the Head of Creative Arts and their team. Sixth Form applicants should also be predicted grade 7-9 (A*/A) in Art/DT at GCSE level. Art/DT Scholarships can be applied for by completing an Art /DT Scholarship application form.

Music / Performing Arts Scholarship

Music: Candidates prepare a short programme featuring each instrument they play, including singing. The standard on the first instrument should be at least Associated Board Grade 3, although it is not essential that these examinations have been sat. Some simple sight-reading and aural exercises will also be assessed by the Director of Music.

Performing Arts: Candidates prepare a short piece to be performed for the Head of Drama. They will be expected to respond to various stimuli given, and will be assessed on their ability to respond to unknown material.

Both Art / Drama Scholarships are applied for by completing a Music / Drama Scholarship application form.

Read Scholarships are also available for boarding pupils and are worth 25% off the boarding fee. Scholarships may be awarded for outstanding talent in any category, or for a combination of talents that enable the candidate to make a significant all-round contribution to Read as a boarding school.

Scholarship / Exhibition Award Deadline

All applications for scholarships must be completed fully, and returned no later than the annual closing date of 31st January, for entry the following September.

Read School reserves the right to review a scholarship or exhibition award if a pupil’s conduct or achievements falls short of expected standards.

Bursarial Assistance / Means Testing

Read School is committed to maintaining broad access for talented pupils who would benefit from an education at the School by offering financial support of the payment of fees to parents, otherwise unable to afford them.

In certain circumstances the value of a scholarship or exhibition may be supplemented with bursaries which offer a discount on fees and are means tested. The value of the bursary award is dependent on a number of factors such as household income, savings and assets, investments and personal situation. A ‘typical’ bursary may provide a fee discount of between 5% and 25% and is subject to the availability of funds.

If you are interested in finding out more about bursaries, please request an application form from the Bursar or Head’s PA.

If you are also applying for a scholarship or exhibition the bursary request should be submitted with the scholarship application form to:

Read School - Admissions Team
Drax, North Yorkshire

For further information, please contact us on 01757 618248 or