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​​​​​​​Part of the Family​​​​​​​

Our boarding school community is firmly at the heart of Read School.  Boarders play a full and valued part in the whole life of the school, and their presence in the evenings and at weekends, provides important continuity on the campus. This is a caring environment with a flexible approach to all our pupils’ needs.  Boarding gives an opportunity to work hard, and to play hard – home comforts without the need to travel!

​​​​​​​Full or Flexi Boarding​​​​​​​

We are happy to provide not only full or weekly boarding, but also flexi or occasional boarding, where we can care for your children, even at last minute.

We know unexpected business trips can crop up, family emergencies, or parents may just need a deserved break.

Why Choose Boarding?

​​​​​​​Developing Independence​​​​​​​

Boarders make lifelong friends, whilst studying and having fun. As a result, they develop into independent individuals who can confidently make their way in the world.

Building Friendships

The close bonds built during their time at Read are deep and long-lasting. Staying at the boarding house magnifies this wonderful opportunity. 

Outstanding Teaching

  Boarding allows young people to focus on their work in structured and supervised prep times, as well as enjoy many diverse extra-curricular activities, after hours. Better still, there's no commute!

​​​​​​​International Boarders

At Read, we welcome pupils from both the UK and overseas, and this mix of nationalities and backgrounds enhances the experience of boarding and extends the ethos of these diverse cultures into the wider school community.

We offer a happy and nurturing environment where every child is secure and valued, giving them the chance to learn valuable life skills and grow in confidence, whilst learning a new language.

We are very experienced in ensuring that the, often difficult, early transition period between home and school, is accomplished smoothly, calmly and happily, with a good track record of successful settling in within a short time.