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Admissions to Read School can be made via telephone or through email.

The best way to find out if Read School is the school for your child, is to visit. Therefore we welcome the opportunity to meet you and hope that you will telephone to make an appointment.

To arrange a visit please contact: Admissions T: 01757 618248 |

Information on our school can also be found on the Independent Schools Council website by clicking on the following link;

Open Mornings are held twice a year, when prospective pupils and their families are welcome to visit the school, have a tour of the buildings and facilities and meet the staff.

Our next Open Morning is on Saturday, 12th October from 9.30am – 1.00pm.

A taster day is a good way to experience life as a pupil at Read School and see if the school is a good fit for your child. For a school visit and to arrange a taster day please contact the school on 01757 618248 or email

Read School is a school which has three separate but inter-linked schools within it: the Pre – Prep School, the Prep School and the Senior School.

A school that seeks to educate children from the ages of 3 to 18 must have careful regard to its educational development and whether it can fully meet their needs at all stages of that development.  The purpose of this policy, therefore, is to set out in clear and unambiguous terms the basis on which pupils enter any stage of the School and may be expected to transfer to the next.

No part of Read School, or key stage, will admit any pupil if it believes it cannot adequately meet his or her educational needs.  To do so would be to fail both the child and the parents and we put the educational interests of the child at the forefront of our selection process.

It is, however, recognised that, especially at younger ages, making such judgements may be difficult and there may, on occasion, be pupils within the School who do not qualify for transfer to the next part of the School.  Any decision to refuse such progress, however, will be made:

• with timely, documented and open discussions with the parents
• with regard to the best educational interests of the child concerned

It is also recognised that it may be in the best educational interest of a child to admit them to one area of the School, whilst, nonetheless, having severe reservations about their ability to make sufficient academic progress to access the next stage of the School.  The decision to admit such a pupil will be made:

• with expression of specific areas of concern
• with expression of strategies to be used to tackle such areas of concern
• with regard to the best educational interests of the child concerned

Any parent whose child is deemed likely to fail the hurdle for progression to the next stage at Read will receive a formal letter outlining concerns at least one calendar year prior to the end of the academic year in which transfer occurs.

Admission responsibility

In all cases the Head of the relevant school is responsible for deciding to admit or refuse entry to a pupil or whether to permit progression between key stages.  Where such a decision is to be challenged by the parents the normal complaints procedure of the school should be followed.

Admission procedures

Admission to the Senior School is offered following a visit, interview and the satisfactory completion of a verbal reasoning test or other suitable evidence of a pupil’s ability or achievement. A report from the child’s present school will be requested.

In the Prep classes, an offer of a place will normally follow after a pupil has spent a taster day in school when social skills and academic potential will be assessed.  Taster days are also available for pupils wishing to enter the Senior School.

Admissions for overseas pupils is offered on the basis of a report from the pupil’s present school, a report from the interviewing agent indicating the pupil’s level of English (IELTS 5.0 or better for Sixth Form Studies), the pupil’s academic strengths and preferences, and the pupil’s interests out of school. The school will also ask for a test in Mathematics and English to be completed.

Whilst the school may continue to admit pupils of a wide range of abilities and learning needs, the Headmaster will not offer admission to a pupil who, in his opinion, will not be able to benefit from the opportunities in the school, or when a pupil’s presence is likely to disturb the learning of other pupils in the school.

To download a list of current fees payable and associated charges please click on the link below.

Please note that all fees are payable each term, and are due payable before the first day of term.


Read’s commitment to offering scholarships to pupils with real talent and potential for excellence is a proud and long standing one.

Scholarships are awarded openly on merit and the amount awarded will vary depending on the funds available at the time.

Parents may ask for their child to be considered for a scholarship or they may be invited by the school to apply for a scholarship.  All applicants must be registered with Read, or attending the school, in order to be considered.

Read Scholarships are also available for boarding and international pupils. The scholarships may be awarded for outstanding talent in any category, or for a combination of talents that enable the candidate to make a significant all-round contribution to Read as a boarding school.

The school also offers bursaries, which are offered privately in cases of financial need and are designed to enable pupils to attend the school who could not otherwise afford to do so.  Bursary applications may be made to augment the value of a scholarship or exhibition.  Application forms can be requested from the Finance Manager or Headmaster’s PA.

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the latest inspection report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

Please click on the link below to download the appropriate form.


You can download a Read School prospectus using the links below, or if you would prefer a hard copy, please fill in the form on our contact page and we will send one out to you.

Read School Prospectus