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International Women's Day 2023

On International Women's Day 2023, Read School have taken the opportunity to amplify and celebrate the voices and experiences of inspirational women within our wonderful school. 

In a series of interviews - to be published over consecutive days - Read will be contemplating what 'embracing equity' means across our community: from parents, teachers and students alike.  

In our first Question & Answer session, Jazmine Hutchinson describes the resilience and tenacity she had to exhibit, when she received the news that she could no longer pursue her chosen career. In truly inspirational style, Jazmine refused to be beaten, and unexpectedly found an entirely different passion - in teaching. 

On Day 2, we continue our conversations, by speaking to Nuala Suttill, who established an entirely different career before realising her vocation in teaching. Nuala shares with us the sources of inspiration for her own life; the impact of motherhood on her own career; and her aspiration for all Read Students on International Women's Day.

On Day 3, we hear from Annette Oliver, whose infectious appetite for growth and development inspires both the students and teachers around her. Annette describes some of the journeys she has gone on, and how this impacts her outlook on life on International Women's Day.

On Day 4, Sue Prosser, a National Badminton Champion, reflects on how her determination and perseverance helped her achieve her sporting ambitions. Sue talks about how teaching enables her to nurture the ambitions exhibited in our own students, here at Read, and gives her own refection on International Women's Day.

On Day 5, proud Read School parent, and female powerhouse, Lisa Dukes, as she discusses her critically acclaimed career in finance and the challenges she has faced battling stereotypes within her industry,

On Day 6, as we launch Science Week 2023, we talk to our Head of Science, Jaynor Bullock. Jaynor's incredible career has seen her teach all across the world: from Japan to war-torn Mozambique, before eventually bringing her to Read School. Jaynor's refection is rooted in both her passion for teaching and the disparity she observed when teaching overseas; she reminds us how precious education is, and how fortunate Read School students are to enjoy the wonderful environments in which they learn.

On Day 7 Helen Snowden, another scientist, whose life went on an unexpected journey when her daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, aged just four years old. Helen demonstrates how unexpected career journeys can still be fulfilling and, in homage to Science Week 2023, gives us her reflectionist on two lesser-known heroines of science.

On Day 8, we speak to the first - and therefore potentially most influential - teacher a young Read student will ever meet. Lisa Fairhurst claims she is not an inspirational person, and had not done anything in life worthy of being part of this series - however her pupils and their parents alike are in widespread agreement: Lisa is a remarkable and inspiring teacher. Lisa's answers are important in this series, not just for what they say, but because they serve everyone an important reminder: you do not need to have led an extraordinary life, to lead an extraordinary impact.