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Red Nose Day 2023

Read School, Drax are delighted to announce that we have raised a total of £416.25 on Red Nose Day 2023.

The 'University Challenge' sketch was a highlight for students and colleagues alike.

The events, organised by our Year 12 students, had pupils and teachers in high spirits all day as the school did "something funny for money" to raise funds for Comic Relief. Alongside traditional fundraising activities such as cake sales and a non-uniform day, the Year 12s also had some more surprising activities in store for us this year.

The morning began with perhaps one of the most unusual assemblies on record: a University Challenge sketch inspired by the Young Ones. Our host (Andrew Woods) is left to navigate a battle between Oxbridge Academy (Annette Oliver, Jazmine Hutchinson and Galen Hill) and Scumbag College (Mark Voisey, Sarah Rothwell and John Matthews) as the tournament takes a comedic turn; the outcome of which left the audience "in stitches".

Sophie Winfield prepares to 'splat' Dr. Helen Snowden

Following this, four much-loved and brave members of staff became the willing targets for pupils' soggy, sponge-shaped ammunition: for 50p per go, students were able to take aim at Luke Johnson, Adele Machin, Mark Perkins and Helen Snowden in 'Splat the Teacher'. Needless to say, given our incredible sports department, none of the volunteers stayed dry for long!

The warmest Read School thanks goes to all the Year 12 students and teachers involved in making the day such a huge success, as well as everyone who dressed up, or baked cakes to be sold in The Hub. The day, however, would not have been possible without Millie O'Brien (Year 12) who did an amazing job co-ordinating the whole event.  Well done Millie, for creating such a memorable and enjoyable day!

The money raised on Red Nose Day, is used to tackle issues such as food poverty, mental health problems also support people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, both in the UK and abroad. To learn more about how your donation is used, please visit